Our Membership

Membership is open to persons or institutions who subscribe to this constitution and such other persons as the Board of Directors may from time to time admit members, not less than 3 persons shall be members of the organization, provided that members shall cease to be a member if:
a) He gives one month notice in writing to the Board of Directors about their intention to resign from membership.
b) If he is removed from membership by the vote of not less than two-thirds of the members of the Organization at an extraordinary General Assembly of the Organization specially convened and at which he has been given a reasonable opportunity of attending and being heard. A founder member will in such case to be active in Organization activities but shall remain a life member to the Organization.
c) Membership shall be voluntary, but dependent on the level of involvement in fulfilling the Organizations objec-tives.


Full Membership

Open to all persons that meet the eligibility criteria as laid down in section 3.1 of our constitution.

Associate Membership

Non-profit institutions active in development, which do not meet the Full membership eligibility criteria as laid down in section 3.1 of our constitution.

Honorary Membership

An individual who has made unique, seminal contribution to the field of social work is eligible for election to Honor-ary Membership. The number of Honorary Members cannot exceed one (1) in a calendar year. Under extraordinary circumstances, the Board of Directors may exceed the normal yearly limitation. Election required the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. A Member of the Organization may nominate someone to the status of Honorary Membership by sending a brief (no longer than one page) advocacy statement discussion the candidate to the Chair-man Board of Directors.


These are the founding members of the Organization.

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